Marine radio course. VHF or HF  149 $119

Hi. If your doing the Master 24 metres, also called master 5 you need to

read the MARINE RADIO OPERATORS HANDBOOK below to prepare.

(with the sailboat)

Sections marked with a ball are the important points for HF or long range. Those for VHF are marked with diamonds.

For Coxswains read the MARINE VHF RADIO OPERATORS HANDBOOK below before the course.

We have both books in hard copy for loan or purchase

The radio course runs for one day every monday. There’s a written exam once your confident.




  • Book into the next course
  • Read the operators handbook below (the diamond marks are the important points for VHF and the circle icons are the HF important points.waterwise_2
  • Or get a hard copy delivered
  • Have a 2 hour minimum tutorial session. Bring a passport photo!
  • Sit the exam.
  • Pay the licence fee $82.50
  • This get submitted to the AMC for marking and issue of your radio certificate, which gets posted to you.
  • You need short range for Coxswain and Long range for Master 24


Marine radio gets you the training and licence to be legal to operate VHF and HF radios both privately and for Charter Boats. The names have changed this year.

MROCP is now LROCP – Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency.

MROVCP is now SROCP – Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency.